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Ow! [Nov. 9th, 2005|10:02 pm]
[mood |tiredtired]

My teeth still hurt. Went to the orthodontist yesterday, got my wire fixed though it still feels weird. I brought in my retainer (the one I haven't worn at all for over a year) to see if I did start wearing it would it do anything. This is when I realized how much my teeth moved since I had braces, and she said the only way to fix it was to get a new retainer. So I got fitted for one, have to go get it Tuesday. More mouth hurtin, my own fault though. Also cost me $175, bleck! I didn't technically have to get it, I just want to have good teeth...I don't know what it is lately, I just want good teeth. Thinking about lazer whitening too, hmm?

Went to Brian's after all of this, got stuck there because of the fog so just spent the night. No complaints about fog on my behalf! Haha, though I did have to open photo at 8 so I had to leave Mandeville at 6...glad I did too traffic was so bad I didn't get home till almost 7:30. Crazy crazy. Tired as a mofo. Got $5 gift card from my manager for cleaning the bathrooms. Made me happy! :)

Work tomorrow 2-10, Friday and Saturday off wooooo! I know at some point this weekend my mother is coming to the house to pick up some stuff she 'accidently' left here, and I have to be a witness to it. It technically doesn't have to be me, and I REALLY would rather not see my mother. Anyone willing to come to my house and just watch them pack stuff and probably argue? I'll pay you! Saturday going to Destrehan High to see the choir perform, mucho excited about that as well. Going to sleep, very tired...nite ya'll.